The Hebrom

With your structured industry located at Serra, Espirito Santo - Brazil and almost 10 years experience about diamond wires assembly and reassembly for the ornamental stones industry, the HEBROM provides to your customers the bests diamond tools solutions.

Allied with the quality of its products, proven by biggest industries in Brazil and abroad, another major differential of the company is its commitment to its technical assistance, always present and able to maximize the results of its customers.

We've listed bellow the main Hebrom’s operational areas:

  • Diamond wire for multiwire assembly and reassembly services;
  • Diamond wires for multiwires;
  • Diamond wires for quarries;
  • Fiberglass screens;
  • Synthetic diamonds;
  • Steel cables;
  • Solar energy;
  • Optical fibers;
  • Generators group.

The HEMBROM’S objective is trespass the highests demanding customers of the brazilian market. Through the products performance and quality of its services, the HEBROM provides to your customers the best benefit-cost relationship.



The HEBROM provides for its industry the diamond wires assembly and reassembly services for used and new pearls with 5.3mm diameters, 6.3mm and 7.3mm, and for all the circuits and imported or national multiwire machine brands.

Our team provides all the technical support necessary to the best yield, durability and diamond wires productivity gain.

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Authorized technical assistance for all the tools and equipments it produces and sells, to improve systems and achieve real guarantees.

We also provide multiwire machines and quarry machines maintainance, including spare parts sales.

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